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Luxurious eco friendly linen products for your customers to wear and decorate their homes with

Since 1995 our family owned business brings two product lines to retail stores internationally; household linen products such as towels, curtains, table cloths etc. and modern fashion linen clothing for women, men and children.  

"Daiva Lino" is a Lithuanian linen brand with a focus on high quality, style, and eco friendly products. We put great attention on comfort and elegance, and pride ourselves in working with you to provide you and your customers excellent quality and service.


Why linen products?

Linen fabrics are highly durable, eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic. The linen fabric is a perfect microclimate for the skin, making it easy for it to breath while effectively absorbing moisture and sweat. Flax fiber sweats and dries quickly, so the cloth stays warm on a cool night, and cool on a hot day. Linen fabric is also resistant to static electricity.

Compared with cotton fabric, linen fabric is much more durable so clothes will last much longer. Specially impregnated products such as tablecloths are also very easy to maintain.


The original design and a large supply

"Daiva Lino" products are distinguished by their uniqueness and splendor. We use jacquard linen fabric woven here at the manufacturing plant ensuring highest quality products. Due to customer requests, the company designers can also create exclusive, unitary models whose ingenuity often exceeds all expectations.


Quality and customer focus

We support your needs in producing linen fabrics. Retail wholesale and custom orders are welcome. As a “Daiva Lino” customer you are assured the best quality-price ratio with prompt delivery, and if needed we'll advise on how to choose the most suitable products for your business.

Thank you for choosing “Daiva Lino” as your linen supplier. We look forward to a longevity partnership with you.